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Do You Have Problems With Negative Body Image?

Body image is more of an issue today than it ever has been. negative body imageLook at any number of magazines in your local newsagents or at news stands and you will see examples of the “perfect” look as well as magazines that tell you how to get it, next to other magazines which relate the stories of people who felt like dying because they couldn’t achieve the look they wanted.

It is tremendously easy to develop a negative self-image with regard to your body these days. Look at the headlines when a celebrity puts on a few extra pounds and you will see how opinions are shaped. Someone who is carrying extra weight can become the victim of a campaign of criticism that borders on the slanderous.

this is a very good study to know about body image :

Body image can also be studied in terms of what we look like in the eyes of an observer. What other people see and what we think they can see – the outside and inside view of body image – are like two sides of a coin, as they both contribute to how we feel about our looks. For example, we might receive positive or negative feedback about our appearance that might influence the way we think and feel. Equally, the way we act and feel about our appearance will have an impact on others. For example, if you keep your head down, don’t make eye contact and say very little then others will think you are not interested in them. They could be critical and reject you, not because of your appeararance but because of your actions.

correctly said here that staying away from fashion magazines is usually a good option :

Let’s fact it, most fashion and women’s magazines focus on an ideal of beauty that is just not something anyone in real-life can be. Most models make up less than one percent of the human population when it comes to their size! In addition, each one has a staff of people to make them transform into what the final photo looks like — designers, make-up artists, camera people and lighting specialists, and photo retouchers (think “airbrush”). Unless you can look through these magazines knowing they are purely fantasy, it’s just better to stay away from them. Invest in magazines that contribute to who you are — News magazine, magazines that relate to positive hobbies and interests (art, music, sports, traveling, home decorating, gardening, etc.) — they make a magazine for just about everything these days… I even recently saw one just for beany-baby collecting!

found a very good fact sheet on body images :

The way you see your body is not always a correct representation of what you actually look like. For example, a person may perceive themselves to be fat when in reality they are underweight. How a person sees themselves is their perceptual body image.

If you are coming from a position of negative body image, you are not in the right place to go for the perfect look. It sounds like a logical impossibility, but the truth is that people who are disgusted with themselves are not in a good position to turn things around in a lasting and correct way. They are far more likely to take short-cuts which will not help them in the long term.

This does not mean that you have to go on a long journey of discovery to get the look you want, only that you have to give a lot of thought to how you will go about getting there. If you are prepared to do a lot of hard work and ready to deal with setbacks, then the process of getting the best abs will be a lot more manageable.

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